Minor in Business Administration

The admission requirements for the Minor in Business Administration are the same as the requirements for a business major.  The classes for the minor are not taught in separate sections from major classes, so students who take courses toward the minor in business administration can easily "roll up" to the business major.  The Minor in Business Administration consists of:

Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACCT 2301)

Introduction to Managerial Accounting  (ACCT 2302)

Financial Management (FINA 3320)

Information Systems for Management (ITOM 2308)                                                                                          

Operations Management  (ITOM 3306)                                                                                                            

Fundamentals of Marketing  (MKTG 3340)

Management of Organizations  (MNO 3370)

Matriculated students must complete all business minor courses in residence at SMU. All minor courses must be taken for a grade. A minimum 2.00 GPA in all business courses attempted is required for satisfactory completion of the minor in business.

SMU Cox also offers an open enrollment Minor In Business designed to provide non-business students with a solid foundation in business basics to compliment their primary areas of academic interest  This minor is open to any SMU student who is not a business major or Minor in Business Administration, has no GPA-based admission requirements or prerequisites, and the courses are offered primarily in the summer terms.