First Day Forms for Staff

On your first day of your employment, all new staff members come to the department of Human Resources to complete their Staff First Day Forms and participate in an orientation session.  Total time commitment will be approximately 90 minutes.

Required first day forms are submitted as well as other documents the employee may not have completed and returned prior to this day.

After the Orientation session new employees will then be directed to Park N Pony to obtain their SMU ID badge and parking stickers.

Following are the First Day Forms Packets.  There are two types of packets; one for those who will have fiscal responsibility and those who will not. 

If, during the recruitment process, you were notified that you will have financial responsibilities (i.e. an SMU procurement card will be issues in your name, you will be depositing cash, handling cash or responsible for revenue generation) you should download the New Staff Forms-With Fiscal Responsibility packet.

The correct packet will be attached to your Total Compensation email when you accept a position.  If you are unsure which packet you will need, you may check your email or contact us.

New Staff Forms Packet-No Financial Responsibility  or New Staff Forms Packet-With Financial Responsibility

The following individual documents comprise the above two packets and are provided so that you may access each form individually, as needed: