Internship Programs

Unpaid Internship Program

This program awards a stipend to students who have acquired an unpaid internship from a non-profit or government organization.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Internship Program

Designed for students with diverse identities, this program allows employers to submit internship positions which will be distributed to various affinity groups on Campus. Private and non-profit organizations may submit their internships through the DEI internship Program application, and the Hegi Family Career Development Center will match accepted internship positions with a qualified candidate. 

Engage Dallas Internship Program 

Engage Dallas is a place-based community engagement initiative via SMU's Residential Commons to address community needs focusing on South and West Dallas. The Engage Dallas Internship Program is a resource exclusively for SMU students completing summer internships at nonprofits and other organizations that typically offer unpaid internships. Community Organizations can submit internships and accepted positions will be matched with a qualified candidate.


Internship Program Policies


The DEI and Engage Dallas Internship program follow a detailed matching process. To streamline the internship process and best match candidates desired learning outcomes to community partner needs, the Hegi Family Career Development Center will match interns with the position of best fit based on the desired learning outcomes and goals of the applicant and the needs of the employer. Upon a successful match, students will sign an offer letter provided by the Hegi Family Career Development Center. Employers will receive the interns resume, cover letter, and pre-reflection indicating the interns goals and desired outcomes from the internship experience. 

Employer Evaluation

Each employer that hosts an internship will be responsible for conducting a professional evaluation of their intern at the end of their internship. The evaluation method and variables used to measure performance will be up to your discretion. Ultimately, however, it is meant to show the student’s engagement and effort invested in the work, the employer’s experience hosting the intern, and their receptiveness to hosting more internships in the future.