Major Declaration Process

Lyle has five academic departments that offer a variety of degrees. These programs are designed in close partnership with industry to deliver relevant courses that apply directly to today’s technology-driven world. When students select a Lyle major, they must work on meeting that specific department’s subset requirements (found below) so that they will be able to declare their major. It typically takes two or three semesters to meet these requirements.


Subset Requirements Per Major

Civil & Environmental Engineering Computer Science & Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Management Science
DISC 1312
DISC 1313
MATH 1337
MATH 1338
CEE 1302
CEE 2310
CS 1342
EMIS 1360
KNW 2300
ME 1302
ME 2310
ME 2331
PHYS 1303 *
CHEM 1303 *
ECE 1350 *
ECE 2381 *
CS 1341 *
Minimum Subset GPA 2.5 GPA 2.5 GPA 2.5 GPA 2.7 GPA 3.0 GPA
Additional Requirments Grade of C- or higher in all subset courses Minimum grade of C on all subset courses - FIRST ATTEMPT ONLY
Additional Requirments Cont. Maximum 2 enrollments in EMIS 1360

* Pick at least two of these classes.