Adding Minors to Your Degree

Adding or Declaring a Minor

Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor when considering adding a minor to their degree plan. Each Lyle Department offers a minor program for Lyle majors and majors outside of Lyle. After a student declares their major, they are eligible to declare a minor. Students will declare minors with their School of Record and not necessarily with the school that offers the minor. For example, a student majoring in Biology will have Dedman College as their school of record and therefore declare a minor in Environmental Engineering with Dedman College. Similarly, a student who is majoring in Mechanical Engineering will have Lyle as their school of record and will declare their Computer Science minor with Lyle.

Minor Declaration Form

Lyle Minor Requirements

All Lyle minors require students to have previously declared a major at SMU. Only the Management Science minor has additional subset requirements that students must meet to declare this minor.

Management Science Subset Requirements

  • Minimum subset GPA of 3.0
  • Minimum grade of “C” on all subset courses – First Attempt Only
  • DISC 1312 - Introduction to Academic Discourse
  • DISC 1313 - Inquiry Seminar
  • MATH 1337 - Calculus I
  • MATH 1338 - Calculus II
  • CS 1341 - Principles of Computer Science
  • CS 1342 - Programming Concepts
  • EMIS 1360 (Max 2 enrollments)

Changing a Minor

Students who wish to swap one minor in place of another should speak with their advisor first. They will then complete the Student Major or Minor Change or Declaration Form.

Minor Declaration Form

Lyle Minors

Civil Engineering Minor
Environmental Engineering Minor
Global Development Minor
Computer Science Minor
Computer Engineering Minor
Electrical Engineering Minor
Management Science Minor
Mechanical Engineering Minor