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Fall 2019 Capstone Games Released on Steam

Feb 04, 2020

New SMU Guildhall student games released on Steam

These student-made games were created over the course of one semester as part of the SMU Guildhall Team Game Production curriculum, which emulates cross-disciplinary studio development in the same style and pace of industry standards. They are the final capstone games created by these teams of 12-15 students during their studies at SMU Guildhall, representing the culmination of two years spent in game development education.

Visit the links below to learn more and download via Steam:

SMU Guildhall capstone game Goofballs


Goofballs is a physics-based local-multiplayer casually competitive soccer party game where players roll, dash, and ground pound to score goals. The game combines slapstick physics with arcade-style soccer and adds a twist: after a goal is scored, the ball, surface, and arena can change – during the game! Play locally against friends or the A.I. in 1v1 and 4-player free-for-all matches. Players can choose from the preset Classic, Chaos, and Competitive game modes, or they can create their own unique gameplay experience in Custom mode. With 8 quirky ball types, 4 unique surface types, and a variety of unconventional arenas there are hundreds of possible combinations to play. Read More

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Rhome is a first person, dark, atmospheric exploration game where players navigate an increasingly chaotic and psychologically unnerving environment as the very fabric of reality unravels around you. Step into the role of Hailey Rhome, a distinguished architect, who returns from a long day at work to find her husband missing and her home a hostile and unfamiliar place. Explore Hailey's M.C. Escher-inspired home and uncover the truth of the nightmare that you've stepped into. Read More

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SMU Guildhall capstone game Tex-Mechs


Tex-Mechs is a fast-paced, first-person action game where players take control of a mech to fight hordes of horrifying creatures called “Crawlers” and reclaim the insect-infested wastelands of the alien colony, New Texas. To combat this menace, you’re armed with three powerful weapons: the trusty Mustang Revolver, the unstoppable Flamethrower, and the devastating Magnetic Ravager Saw. As one of the last Rangers, it is your responsibility to take back the canyon, put out the call to action, and help save New Texas. Read More

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SMU Guildhall capstone game Up in the Air

Up in the Air

Up in the Air is zany, open-world game in which you play a balloon dog exploring a demented carnival populated by crazy children. Players must use a variety of power ups, from water balloons to ground pound, to fend the kids off and collect carnival tickets. Players can burn Big Weenie, knock over a castle, trap children in a cardboard jail, master hopscotch, become radioactive, turn off the sun, or get popped by a cactus. If they are particularly unlucky, they could even find the notorious child Chunkles and his gaping maw. Read More

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