A showcase of student work

SMU Guildhall Exhibition includes demonstrations of Team Game Projects created by current students and a celebration of the achievements of our graduating cohort. 

Location: SMU Guildhall — SMU-in-Plano, Building 2 — 5232 Tennyson Parkway, Plano, TX 75024

SMU Guildhall Exhibition Schedule: 

  • 2-5pm: Exhibition of student games — open to the public
  • 6-9pm: Graduate Reception — invitation only


Formal commencement on the SMU Dallas campus is Saturday, May 18th. Graduating students will be contacted with detailed information, including the schedule, location, ordering their diploma, tickets, and regalia, and more.

Questions? Call us at (214) 768-9950 or email us.



Graduate Catalog

Our interactive catalogs showcase the work of our graduates, including their individual Master's Theses and Directed Focus Studies, as well as their cohort's capstone team games.



Cohort 26 Catalog

Cohort 25 Catalog

Cohort 24 Catalog

Cohort 23 Catalog

Cohort 22 Catalog