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Student Financial Services is committed to helping students and their families achieve financial resolutions by providing superior quality service.  We take pride in our immediate response to your questions about student finances, paying bills and more!

Important Announcements

Summer 2024 Undergraduate Tuition Billing

Summer 2024 undergraduate student bills will be made available online, through SMUpay, on the afternoon of May 10, 2024 and the payment due date is May 24, 2024. Be sure to check your SMU email account frequently to avoid missing important information, including billing notifications. To view and pay your bill, please click on the red “Pay Now” link above the menu on the right side of this screen. Parents/guardians must have been granted access by their student in order to view and pay their student’s bill. For further information on how to gain parent/guardian access, please see below.

Important: Depending on whether you have registered for all of your classes at the time of the May billing, your bill may only reflect a portion of your full semester charges. Please be sure to log in to SMUpay to view your updated balance if you register for classes on or after May 10, 2024.

Parent/Guardian Access to Student Records (my.SMU) and Authorized Payer Portal (SMUpay)

If you are a parent/guardian and would like to gain access to your student’s education records (my.SMU), please refer to the Release of Education Records page here. If you are a parent/guardian who would like to receive billing notifications and become authorized by your student to make payments on his or her behalf, your student must first set you up as an authorized payer (SMUpay) by following instructions found here.

Please refer to our FAQs for answers to questions we frequently receive from students and families.

We are here to help! Our staff is fully committed to assisting students, their families and the entire SMU community. In addition to visiting us at the Laura Lee Blanton Building, you can visit our virtual front desk, where you will be greeted by a student account advisor through Zoom. We also offer scheduled virtual appointments though Zoom. To schedule your virtual appointment, click here and select any advisor listed.

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