NCAA Academic Certification

Academic Eligibility Certifications policy and procedures

*14.9.1 - Institutional Responsibility for Eligibility Certification. The president or chancellor is responsible for approving the procedures for certifying the eligibility of an institution's student-athletes under NCAA legislation. The president or chancellor may designate an individual on the institution's staff to administer proper certification of eligibility. Certification of eligibility must occur prior to allowing a student-athlete to represent the institution in intercollegiate competition (see Bylaw 14.01.1). A violation of this bylaw in which the institution fails to certify a student-athlete's eligibility prior to allowing him or her to represent the institution in intercollegiate competition shall be considered an institutional violation per Constitution 2.8.1; however, such a violation shall not affect the student-athlete's eligibility, provided all the necessary information to certify the student-athlete's eligibility was available to the institution and the student-athlete otherwise would have been eligible for competition. (Revised: 3/8/06, 1/14/08)

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Interpretations and clarifications for academic eligibility

  • Progress Towards Degree: Students with more than 62 transfer hours (work in progress)
  • Effective date of a suspension (work in progress)