Summer 2024 Enrollment Information and Steps

The summer term consists of three primary sessions: first session (June), second session (July), and a full session. Each primary session has different deadline dates. There are also four shorter sessions within the first and second sessions.  

There will be selected courses offered on the Dallas campus during the Dallas May Session 2024. For more information , please click here

The SMU-in-Taos program offers a May Session 2024, a Summer 1 Session 2024, and an August Term 2024. For more information, please click here.

Please visit the 2023-24 Academic Calendar for the various Summer Session dates, deadlines, and information. 

May Term & Summer Term 2024


Continuing Student Enrollment


Monday, April 1, 2024
8:00 a.m. – Seniors (90+ earned hours) and
                    Graduate students

10:00 a.m. – Juniors (60-89 earned hours)

12:00 p.m. – All other UG students (< or = 59
                      earned hours)



Open Enrollment

Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 12:00 p.m.
Enrollment begins for the following:

  • Summer visiting students (non-degree)
  • New and Readmitted students
  • Continuing non-degree students

REMINDER - Submit the Health History Form (SMU Student    Health Form) before this date.


Payment due for May Term & Summer Term 2024

Visit Bursar’s website



All continuing undergraduate students and graduate students in Dedman College, Meadows Schools of the Arts, Simmons School of Education and Human Development, Cox School of Business (except EMBA), Perkins Schools of Theology, Dedman School of Law, and Lyle School of Engineering students –

  • For my.SMU Tutorials, please visit 

  • Check my.SMU for your enrollment appointment time (Click on Student Dashboard, Enrollment (left-hand side), Enrollment Dates, Select Term) and any Holds or Tasks which need to be cleared prior to your enrollment.
  • Check my.SMU for course availability at, by clicking Class Information (left-hand navigation), then Advanced or Simple Class Search. For a listing of courses in the General Education Curriculum, in the University Curriculum, the Common Curriculum. For a copy of a Trial Schedule to assist you with schedule planning, Trial Schedule.
  • All undergraduate students must meet with an academic adviser prior to enrolling for a term for assistance in planning majors and minors and scheduling courses that will count towards their graduation requirements. Failure to meet with the academic adviser prior to enrolling for a term may result in sanctions. After the initial required advising session for the term, students are encouraged to seek assistance from their academic adviser when considering adding and dropping courses. Students have the final responsibility for the accuracy of their enrollment, the applicability of their courses towards their degree requirements, and their academic performance.

    1. Student-Athletes: Must complete a drop form from the athletic department prior to dropping a course. You may obtain a drop form from your athletic academic counselor. This is to review the effects the drop might have on your athletic participation and aid, and advise you on your athletic eligibility. After you complete a drop form, the Director of Admission and Eligibilty for Athletics will process the drop for you. The choice to drop a course is yours to make.

    2. International Students: If a drop will take you to fewer than 12 hours, you should consult with the International Center. After consultation, the International Office must modify the minimum hours in order for international UG students to drop below 12 hours for the spring or fall term. Failure to maintain full-time hours may result in deportation.

    3. Students on Merit or Need Based Financial Aid: If a drop will take you to fewer than 6 hours, you should consult with your financial aid adviser prior to attempting to drop a course. Your financial aid adviser will be able to tell you any effects the drop will have to your aid. After the consultation, you can process a drop through self-service in my.SMU should that be your decision. If you have any questions regarding this procedure or your financial aid, contact your financial aid advisor.

  • All students are to provide the University Registrar a current home and mailing address (local), cell number and/or home phone number, and emergency contact (including a missing person contact). Under My Profile (left-hand navigation) and General Information, all students must provide accurate information, as requested. Missing information will result in a hold being placed.

    A Task will be assigned to all currently enrolled students asking him/her to verify/update all personal information. An enrollment hold will be placed at the time this Task is assigned. Once a student completes this Task, then the hold will be removed.

    University policy requires that all students have current home address, mailing address (local), and telephone information on file as well as a cell number, if available. Students may have other address types on file, including a residence address where you are currently living (street number, street name, city, state --- a P.O. Box is not valid for this address type).

  • INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS are required to have a home, U. S. mailing, and residence address. Students who don't provide a U.S. address will have a hold placed. To update parent addresses, please send an email to

  • Obtain Department/Instructor permission before attempting to enroll in a course that requires consent.

  • You must clear all service indicators (holds) prior to enrolling. Some financial holds may not be updated for 24 hours.

  • Decide on the Campus Essentials (arts package, sports package, yearbook) you want to purchase as you enroll for your classes. To purchase Campus Essentials go to my.SMU Student Dashboard, Financials, Purchase Campus Essentials.  

  • You may enroll from any web-based computer. Web Registration Instructions.

  • Financial Aid – There are limited SMU funds available for Summer School. Please apply by April 15 for priority consideration.

    • UNDERGRADUATES - To apply for Summer aid, students should complete a 2024 Summer School Financial Aid Application.

    • GRADUATE - Students should contact Meredith Turner located in the Laura Lee Blanton Student Services Building, Ste 119. Graduate summer school payment due dates vary.

    Clear your account. A bill notification will be sent to your SMU email account, depending on when you enroll. Update your billing address and check your SMU campus email on a regular basis. You may also view your account on-line through my.SMU. Pay your invoice amount on or before payment due date. Payments can be made on-line through SMU Pay. For further information on payment due date, visit the Bursar's website.

    If you have questions concerning your student account or payment, please contact Student Financials at 214-768-3417.

    For additional information concerning Enrollment, please contact the University Registrar's Office by telephone: (214-768-3417) or by email: (



Courses may be added/dropped beginning with your enrollment appointment found in the my.SMU Student Dashboard under Enrollment, Enrollment Dates.

Please visit the Academic Calendar 2023-24 for start/end dates, last day to add/drop/enroll, last day to drop a course, and last day to withdraw for the various Summer 2024 Sessions.

Click for detailed information concerning Waitlist Guidelines and Adding/Dropping Waitlisted Classes.