Animal Subjects Research

In accordance with SMU Policy 10.9 Animal Care and Use, the use of animals in research and instruction will conform to all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the United States Government and the State of Texas. All such research and instruction must be performed in compliance with the highest standards of ethics, practice, and conduct of each of the fields or disciplines involved in the specific research projects or instructional activities.

Research Handbook

Details about the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and oversight process can be found in the Research Handbook.

Electronic IACUC Management Software: Axiom Mentor

SMU employs the Mentor Electronic Management System to administer the IACUC oversight process. If you would like to attend an individual or group training session on the use of the Mentor system, contact Research Compliance to schedule an appointment. You will find SOPs for several common Mentor functions in the Research Handbook.

Mentor IACUC Management System

Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

The SMU IACUC relies on the observations of individuals to ensure the well-being of all research animals. All personnel are encouraged to contact any of the individuals or offices listed below if they:

  • see animals that appear to be in pain/distress;

  • witness or are involved in an incident that may impact the welfare of laboratory animals at SMU;

  • have a concern about the conduct of personnel handling laboratory animals; or

  • have a concern about protocol integrity or possible scientific misconduct.





LARC Facility Manager

Courtney Yates


Attending Veterinarian

Dr. Egeenee Daniels



Dr. Scott Davis


Director of Research Compliance

Heather McClary


All reviews and investigations will be dealt with confidentially to the extent reasonably possible, and SMU ensures that no individual will be discriminated against or be subject to any reprisal for raising a concern or reporting a violation to any regulation or standard pertaining to animal care and use.

A concern or report can be made anonymously through the SMU Fraud Reporting Program.

Committee Information

IACUC meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of every month.


Scott Davis, PhD