Migration Overview

OIT is in process of updating the look and feel of select Sitecore websites from Cornerstone 1.0 to Cornerstone 2.0 templates.

The new templates support the university's updated brand with new design components as well as a more standardized approach for landing page layouts.

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What's different about the new templates?

Framework elements

The appearance of your site masthead, navigation menus, and footers will be changing.

  • Mastheads will no longer comprise of image-based logo files.
  • Navigation menu options are more robust and allow for a higher level of customization. You may need to modify the number of items that display.
  • Footer options are more robust and allow for great variety.

Landing page layouts

Landing pages will generally need to be redesigned to use one of our pre-approved landing page headers.

In addition, pages built with custom elements may need to be reconstructed. Although our new design system includes many of the same design elements provided with the Cornerstone 1.0 system, existing layouts may not translate well into the new design due to changes in font sizes and page widths.

Design components

You will be able to take advantage of many new design elements, including customized options for background colors and image layout.

Editing experience

Your editing experience will remain the same before and after the transition.