Brand Integrity and Copyrighted Content

Brand integrity


Logos must adhere to the standards set forth by the SMU Brand Center.

Copyright statement

Websites hosted on Sitecore must display SMU's copyright statement in the footer:

© Southern Methodist University

You may not alter or remove this statement.

Additional guidelines

Refer to the SMU Brand Center for full guidelines.

Copyrighted content within SMU websites

Third-party content

You may not copy content, such as text or images, from third-party websites for use on SMU's website. This includes information from media outlets. You may, however, reference and link to third-party articles.

Some exceptions exist, such as content that falls under fair use or is licensed by SMU.


SMU Photography provides images you may use on your website. You may also request photography services.

If you plan to use your own photography, please be advised you may need permission prior to taking photographs at certain locations. In many cases, you will also need to have consent of the subjects featured in your photography.

For questions regarding photo use and model release, email

Stock photography and images

Stock photography is discouraged, please contact SMU Photography before purchasing stock.

You must properly license any stock photography or images used on your website.

Licensing attributions, such as Creative Commons, may not always be correct or may have specific terms attached. These images should not be used on your site unless you can confirm the license and terms of the license.

SMU Policy

Review SMU's policies on intellectual property and copyright.