Footer options

Footers appear at the bottom of your website and display branding, copyright, and contact information. They may include the school or division name, general contact information, social media links, division hours, and call to action buttons.

Footers remain static for each major school or division and do not change on a page-by-page basis.

Required content

The SMU logo and copyright statement at the base of the footer must be retained. You may not alter logo or the copyright statement:

© Southern Methodist University

Usage guidelines

  • Keep content concise and relevant. Footers should not attempt to provide, replace, or replicate site-wide navigation menus.
  • Display general contact information (departmental phone number or email address) rather than list individual names.
  • Ensure contact information resides in multiple areas, such as a general Contact Us page in additional to the footer. Contact information must not be relegated exclusively to the footer or landing page.
  • Do not display addresses with P.O. boxes, and follow the SMU Brand Guidelines when formatting addresses and phone numbers.
  • Avoid long lists of links. Display no more than six links per section.
  • Keep buttons actionable, with verb-based directives. Limit buttons to three.

Design options

Footers will vary based on the need of the department. OIT will work with you to set up your footer when we migrate your content to the Cornerstone 2.0 templates.

Sample footer

Sample footer for parking site
Sample footer: Parking and ID Card Services website