There has been little published on the desegregation of Dallas schools other than the hundreds of articles that appeared in newspapers such as the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Times Herald and various popular magazines. The leading publication is Professor Glenn Linden’s book listed below.


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  • Christi Collier & Susan Kent Caudill, The Selling of the Plan (KERA-TV 1976) (32 minutes). This video focuses on how the Dallas business community sold desegregation to the city by using an advertising agency, community leaders, and business people.
  • Dallas at the Crossroads (Dallas Citizens Council 1961) (21 minutes; on file with Southern Methodist University’s Center for Media Instruction and Technology). This film was produced for exhibition to school and community groups throughout Dallas in preparation for the planned desegregation in June 1961. The film features Walter Cronkite and interviews with several white community leaders arguing for peaceful desegregation and the need to avoid the racial violence that occurred in other Southern cities at that time.