Intersession Enrollment Process for SMU Students

By enrolling in Intersessions courses, students agree to abide by all Intersessions policies stated on this website.

  1. Meet with your advisor

    Verify which classes will serve you best in pursuing your academic goals. Since some courses fill quickly and others may be cancelled, we recommend identifying  alternate choices.

  2. Know the enrollment process

    Students register for JanTerm during the Spring enrollment period; similarly they enroll for May and June-July during Fall registration. Learn the date enrollment opens for your term here.

    Courses become visible in my.SMU a few weeks before enrollment opens; at that point you can place preferred and alternate courses in your 'shopping cart' to prepare. Please note: this does not constitute official enrollment nor guarantee a seat in the course.

    Any holds on your account must be clear prior to enrollment.

  3. Enroll!

    JanTerm and MayTerm students may enroll in one course.  June-July students can enroll in up to 14 credit hours across the different sessions.

    Use my.SMU to enroll, just as you would for any other term.

    Find enrollment dates for your term here.  Intersession enrollment always opens at 12:01 a.m (right after midnight).  Enroll as soon as possible to secure a seat in your preferred course. If your first choice is full, you may enroll in an alternate course or join the wait list for your first choice.

  4. Be mindful of deadlines & other tasks

    Priority enrollment deadlines for January, May, and Summer 11-day terms are several weeks prior to the start of term. After these dates, courses with low enrollment may be cancelled, so it is in your interest to enroll early.  Enrollment after this date is still possible, subject to seat availability.

    Get tuition squared away. Verify or make arrangements to apply any SMU scholarships or financial aid. Students interested in the Intersessions Scholars Award should apply by the appropriate due date. ALL students should mind the Bursar’s Office payment due dates.

    Put living arrangements in order. Learn more about on-campus housing and dining.

  5. Change of plans?

    Should you wish to swap your course or enroll late, you may do so through my.SMU through the add period (see dates and deadlines), subject to seat availability. Professor permission may also be required after the start of term.

    If you need to cancel, find instructions here. Please be aware of all deadlines, including refund policies.  If you need to, contact to cancel on-campus housing.


Information for Visiting Undergraduate Students

Students not pursuing a degree at SMU may be admitted as visiting students but they must first apply through the Office of Visiting Undergraduate Student Services. A complete application includes submission of an online form, a current official transcript, and $75 application fee. For students wishing to transfer credit, it is strongly recommended that they seek prior approval of course equivalency from their home institution. Information and application forms may be accessed here.

For more information or assistance
Contact the SMU Visiting Undergraduate Student Services
Phone: 214-768-4712


Tues.- Fri., 9am-12pm;
Mon. & Wed.- Fri.,1pm-5pm
Laura Lee Blanton 408
(University Advising Center)




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