Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Marketing

As a graduate-level student, you’ll earn course credit and learn from SMU Cox faculty along-side graduate degree seeking students. You’ll be enrolled as a non-degree seeking student, with access to campus and SMU Cox facilities such as the library and study rooms. Courses will be placed on your official SMU transcript upon successful completion.

Credits may be applied toward a future MBA (within a Professional MBA, One-Year MBA, Online MBA, or MBA Direct) or Specialized Masters program.

Professor teaching at SMU Cox

  • Benefits & Details

    Marketing is much more than billboard ads nowadays. With the introduction of new tech and new generations to the economic spend, our SMU Cox Marketing programs are designed to be future-proof. Our faculty keeps on top of research and publications, so as to offer theory alongside real-world practice. Our offerings allow certificate and graduate students to gain the necessary knowledge to become skilled and effective marketing professionals. 

    The Graduate Certificate in Marketing is for those starting a career in marketing, or those taking on additional marketing management responsibilities. 

    This certificate includes the following courses:

    • MAST 6478 Data Analytics
    • MKTG 6201 Marketing Management 
    • MKTG 6204 Consumer Behavior
    • MKGT 6205 Customer Insights and Market Intelligence
    • MKGT 6206 Marketing Mix Implementation
    • MKTG 6232 Digital and Social Media Marketing
    • At least one additional MKTG course (courses can be viewed in our Graduate Catalog here)

    The Graduate Certificate in Marketing takes place over 3-4 terms, lasting 19-21 months and earning 16 credit hours. With SMU Cox Edge, you can take courses online or in-person as class availability allows. The cost for academic year 2024-2025 is $34,384.  

    If you feel you have the ability to waive one of these courses, please chat with your Admissions team member during your interview about custom plans and start term options. Reach out to us here!