Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management

As a graduate-level student, you’ll earn course credit and learn from SMU Cox faculty along-side graduate degree seeking students. You’ll be enrolled as a non-degree seeking student, with access to campus and SMU Cox facilities such as the library and study rooms. Courses will be placed on your official SMU transcript upon successful completion.
Credits may be applied toward a future MBA (within a Professional MBA, One-Year MBA, Online MBA, or MBA Direct) or Specialized Masters program.

Leader making presentation at SMU Cox

  • Benefits & Details

    Leadership and Management curriculum at the SMU Cox School of Business comes from our faculty's research focus areas and emphasis on theory. As such, we have shaped the Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management around such expertise. This certificate is for new leaders/managers. The certificate is also for experienced leaders and managers who are looking to further develop skills to grow their career or for those starting a career in leadership.

    To complete this certificate, students must take 4 of the following courses:

    • MNO 6201 Organizational Behavior: Managing and Leading People
    • MNO 6202 Leading Teams and Organizations 
    • MNO 6210 Coaching to Build Potential and Performance
    • MNO 6214 Strategic Management of Human Capital
    • MNO 6218 Global Leadership in a Complex World
    • STRA 6201 Strategic Management

    The Graduate Certificate in Entrepreneurship takes place over 1-2 terms, lasting 4-10 months and earns 8 credit hours. With SMU Cox Edge, you can take courses online or in-person as class availability allows. The cost for academic year 2024-2025 is $17,192.  

    If you feel you have the ability to waive one of these courses, please chat with your Admissions team member during your interview about custom plans and start term options. Reach out to us here!