BLC Experiential Learning Programs

Take your professional development to a deeper level through our five programs: Disney Institute, Nonprofit Consulting, “Gold of the Desert Kings,” and “Changing Your Culture with the Big 6 Leadership Principles." Designed to be experiential and interactive, these programs take students beyond the classroom.

The Disney Institute Program: Creating and Sustaining a Service Culture

During the experiential learning program, The Disney Institute, you will have the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes at Disney World to experience how Disney has become “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” Not only will you be able to see what Disney does, but you will also gain valuable insight into how it thinks about its business from a strategic and tactical perspective. Whether you’re an experienced business professional or just entering the workforce, this opportunity will provide long-term value to you as an individual and to your organization.

Nonprofit Consulting Program

This is an excellent opportunity to give back to the community while working on real-life challenges faced by several local nonprofits. After attending an introductory meeting with project representatives at select organizations, you will work in teams each spring to determine recommendations. After several weeks of group collaboration, teams present suggested solutions to nonprofit executives and board members.

Gold of the Desert Kings

The Cox School of Business has been transformed into a hazardous desert. While there isn’t any actual sand, MBA students participate in the learning adventure “Gold of the Desert Kings” that pushes them to ask “what’s possible?” instead of “what’s required?”. Working in teams, participants cross the vast and perilous desert to collect as much gold as possible and return home safely. In the process, they learn to permanently adopt a strategic mindset for any challenge and develop a lasting habit of focused productivity. This fun, interactive activity is designed to differentiate between activity that moves you away from your goal and productivity that moves you closer to that goal.

Changing Your Culture with the Big 6 Leadership Principles

Consistent with the BLC mission to provide programs designed to complement the MBA curriculum, the BLC has joined with Level Five Associates, LLC to offer a different leadership experience.  "Changing Your Culture with the Big 6 Leadership Principles" is an interactive program developed by two retired US Army Major Generals, both with corporate CEO experience.  The program provides leaders at all levels with a remarkable learning opportunity.

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