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Maguire Energy Institute @ Cox

A leader in industry research, the Maguire Energy Institute forms a vital connection between business, media and government. Whether you’re targeting oil, gas, nuclear, wind, solar biomass or biofuels, there's no better place than Maguire to learn about energy. Explore this highly complex industry through lectures and forums, field trips and more.

  • Supporting Student Success

    Join award-winning professors as you delve into the management, marketing and policy issues surrounding the energy industry. The Institute addresses all types of energy, from oil and gas to wind and biomass. Explore the industry's dimensions through student-focused offerings:

    • Kyle D. Miller Energy Management Scholarship Fund, supporting both BBA scholars and MBA scholarships
    • Seminars
    • Lectures
    • Forums
    • Field trips
    • Frank Pitts Lecture Series

  • The Kyle D. Miller Energy Management Scholarship Fund

    Funded by a consortium of donors in recognition of energy industry leader Kyle D. Miller ’01, the fund was established in 2018 to help recruit highly qualified students to both undergraduate and graduate programs—those who will excel in the Cox BBA Energy Concentration or MBA Concentration in Energy Finance, and be sought after by corporate and industry leaders. The scholarship fund goes hand in hand with the institute's new Energy Management program, which meets the rising demand for BBA graduates in the energy sector.

    See more about the Kyle D. Miller Energy Management Scholarship Fund

  • Advisory Board

    The Institute is guided by a multi-disciplinary Board of Advisors who provide input and support for the the Institute's programs, curricula and annual agenda.

    Advisory Board

  • Affiliated Academic Departments

    Finance Department

    The Finance Department's state-of-the art programs focus on the future. Taught by a superstar faculty, they offer a deep foundation in finance theory, plus tools that will keep you competitive over the long term.

  • Events

    L. Frank Pitts Energy Leadership Award

    Maguire Energy Institute presents the L. Frank Pitts Award for Energy Leadership and Innovation Honoring Kenneth A. Hersh and The Maguire Energy Institute Pioneer Award Honoring W. Herbert Hunt. 
    Friday, February 21, 2020

    VIP Reception 11:00 am Lunch 12:00 -1:30 pm
    Complimentary valet parking provided.
    For more information, please contact Ashley Pitts at (214) 768-4988 or

    Click here for more details.