Business Leadership Center

BLC Seminar Series

The Business Leadership Center (BLC) offers an average of four seminars per week targeting essential leadership areas that enhance the curriculum at the SMU Cox School of Business. Leading industry professionals from companies such as Accenture, Amazon, Satori Capital, Real Page, Texas Instruments, 7–Eleven, PepsiCo, TXU and Microsoft develop and facilitate the seminars. These exceptional leadership development skills prove invaluable to future success and differentiate students in the competitive marketplace. Most full time MBA students participate actively in BLC seminars, demonstrating the value that students experience.
  • BLC Seminars Videos

  • Sample Seminar Topics

    Personal Development:

    Students learn from seminars such as Mindful Goal Planning, Fundamentals of Wealth Creation and Your Personal Brand Impact as part of an overall emphasis on personal effectiveness.

    Productive Leadership:

    This seminar series encompasses strategies on Motivating and Retaining Top Talent, Coaching Skills, Creating a Culture of Excellence and how to put these leadership skills into practice.

    Team Dynamics:

    Seminars include Building Effective Teams, Motivating to Build Strong Teams, and How to Build a Winning Sales and Marketing Team among other titles. Team building is the key to achieving results.