The Value of a Cox MBA

Investing in an MBA program means taking a leap. It's a leap that will yield a lifetime of returns. For bright and ambitious students, a Cox MBA offers unique advantages that can make your ROI exponential. Small-class intimacy and a close-knit network, powerful leadership training, a truly global perspective and Dallas as your launchpad — Cox alums reap the rewards throughout their careers.

Let's break it down.

There Is No Better Time to Get an MBA

The Graduate Management Admission Council's most recent Corporate Recruiters Survey Report and Alumni Perspectives Survey show why:

Companies needing advanced skills are on the upswing. Today, eight in ten employers plan to hire more MBA graduates than last year.

An MBA opens new doors. An MBA degree's competitive edge opens doors to new career opportunities.

The degree powers today's career shifters. More than 50% of MBAs surveyed work in industries in which they had no experience prior to B-school.

MBAs start more successful companies. Of MBA entrepreneurs, 94% would do B-school all over again because of the qualitative and quantitative analytical skills they gained, along with the leadership skills that help drive their success.

I learned at SMU Cox that cash flow is critical for a thriving business. Tuition is far cheaper than trial and error in the real world.

Angela Dominguez, MBA '13 Entrepreneur and president of Renaissance Contractors

Your Debt Will Disappear — Fast

Did you know? Among full-time MBA graduates, the average payback period is less than four years. For those graduating with a PMBA or Executive MBA, it's just two-and-a-half years, though the boost in earning potential isn't as high. In fact, as a full-time MBA you'll likely recoup a third of your investment within your first year of work.

Explore the possibilities with the GMAC MBA Salary Calculator.

We veterans emerge from active duty with limited knowledge of corporate America, and the Full‐Time MBA was a great military to civilian transition tool. SMU Cox is military friendly, boasts world‐class faculty & staff, and maintains deep and broad networking connections – especially throughout opportunity-rich North Texas.

Sean Tremblay, MBA 2013

The Cox Advantage

A Cox MBA puts you out in front. Students and alumni consistently cite these advantages:

1. Advanced leadership skills All MBAs gain expertise in finance and strategy. At SMU Cox you get a dedicated Business Leadership Center that fosters your growth as a manager while you acquire functional knowledge in the classroom. Build your skills in agile decision-making, communication and innovation — the makings of executive leadership for today’s fast paced world. Your transcript will reflect BLC training you completed, and you'll be able to speak confidently about your skills and experience that set you apart from other job candidates.

2. Career management Maximize the ROI of your Cox MBA by working with our Career Management Center, your networked resource for helping you hone the skills you'll need to land your dream job, advance your career and reach your earning potential.

3. Hands-on experience Experiential learning is at the heart of the MBA program experience. Through our Centers of Excellence, you'll have every opportunity to practice in the real world, testing ideas and skills while you forge connections. After you graduate, the experience and relationships you've built will add to your competitive advantage.

Your Alumni Network

SMU Cox is rated among the top schools globally for "strength of alumni network." Ask any Cox alum (really — they're here for you). The small-school connections that make studying for an MBA at Cox feel so dynamic and supportive are long lasting. Cox alumni live and work across the country and in more than 80 countries around the world. They stay networked through local chapters of the Cox Alumni Association that who'll connect you to their circles. The SMO Cox alumni network is LinkedIn on steroids.

The Value of Dallas

Dallas shapes your Cox MBA experience. The school's innovative programs, its future-focused energy, the real-world skill-building opportunities and the constant spark of new ideas you find at the Cox school are all amplified by our deep relationships with the city's global 500 business community. Dallas is home to the booming Silicon Prairie, a flourishing cultural scene and boundless entrepreneurial spirit. This burgeoning metro area will be your playground, your testing ground and your fast track to business capitals across the globe.

ROI Its Personal

When you're spending the time, money and energy it takes to get an MBA from a world-class school, ROI is important. At Cox, there's a non-quantifiable return on your investment, too: Personal growth and satisfaction. The people skills that you learn here, along with the program's global immersion that turns you into a true world citizen and the deep friendships you form all add up to a future that's not only professionally gainful — it's also personally meaningful.