Probationary Period

All new benefits-eligible staff employees will undergo a probationary period of 90 calendar days, beginning with the hire date. Employees transferring to a new position within the University must undergo the same probationary period.

An email will be sent to the supervisor by the Department of Human Resources with instructions to complete an online performance evaluation.  If necessary, the employee will be provided coaching and an opportunity to take corrective action during the first 60 days of the probationary period.  The 90-day probationary period may be extended by the supervisor after consultation with and approval by the Department of Human Resources.

Termination of employment will occur if the employee does not successfully complete the probationary period. The supervisor must consult with the Department of Human Resources before any termination decision is made. Employees are employed on an at-will basis during the probationary period, and should their employment continue with SMU beyond the probationary period, it will continue to be on an at-will basis.