Employee Referral Program

What is the employee referral program?

It is an opportunity to bring new talent to the university and get paid for it. Current regular (benefit-eligible) employees can receive a $150.00 cash reward for recommending friends and colleagues to apply for posted staff positions at SMU.

Just think? You can....

• Help the university find good people
• Find friends a good job
• Bring new talent
• Earn $150.00 for referring someone hired

Who is an eligible to receive an employee referral?

All SMU regular (benefit-eligible) employees are eligible. SMU students and temporary employees are not eligible.

Can I refer someone for a posted position who already works at SMU?

The program is designed to bring new talent to the university and is limited to only represent a first job with SMU.

Can I refer someone if I am a supervisor?

Yes, as long as you are not part of the hiring decision and the position does not report to you, you are eligible for the referral award.

What is the incentive for participating in the referral program?

A check for $150.00 will be awarded to any benefit-eligible employee who refers an applicant that is hired for a posted staff position at the University.

When will I be awarded?

SMU will pay you an award of $150.00 if the applicant you referred is hired for a posted staff position and successfully completes his/her 90 day probationary period. You must be employed by SMU at that time to collect your award.

How will you know if I referred someone?

The referred applicant must list the referring benefit-eligible employee in the appropriate place on the employment application (professional employees will fill out the application upon hire). Name cannot be added after application is filled out and turned in to Human Resources.

Is there a limit on how many referrals I can make?

There is no limit to how many applicants an employee can refer.