Workplace Discrimination Issues for Managers

Attendance in this workshop will help a manager develop a deeper understanding about the ways managers can help prevent workplace discrimination and foster a more productive workplace for everyone.

Employers pay millions of dollars each year to employees who have been victims of discrimination – by supervisors and co-workers. Productivity decreases, workers quit… the best protection against discrimination, for employers and employees, is effective policies that prohibit it in the first place, as well as procedures that identify and correct it when it occurs. Topics include:

  • The University's position against discrimination
  • How policies and procedures apply in simulated situations
  • Consequences for violations

A solid working knowledge of these policies and procedures will help promote a healthy workplace, free of discrimination, that will not subject the University and its managers to liability. In addition, you will learn how to provide effective defenses to meritless claims.

   Please choose one of the following dates:  
 Day/Date Time Facilitator  

February 27, 2024
Expressway Tower #208

 2-4:00 pm  Samantha Thomas, Executive Director for Access and Equity,
and Executive Assistant to the President/Title IX Coordinator
May 8, 2024
Expressway Tower #208
9-11:00 am 
 Samantha Thomas, Executive Director for Access and Equity,
and Executive Assistant to the President/Title IX Coordinator

Required Pre-Work for the Class:
Attendees in this course must have completed the supervisor version of Harassment and Discrimination Prevention" (eLearning Tutorial via the Vector Solutions training platform) prior to attending this Manager Orientation workshop. If you have not yet received an email with enrollment instructions (from Everfi on behalf of SMU) please email us at to request that you be enrolled. Provide your name, email, and SMU ID in the email

Enroll Now via and use course code "HRWDIM"


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