StrengthsFinder for Managers

Teams That Use Their Strengths Perform Better Than Teams That Don't

You know your team members better than anyone. But do you know why they do what they do, what motivates them or when they're at their best?  The Gallup Strengths Assessment for Managers helps you find out!  When you and your team use the CliftonStrengths assessment to discover what you do best, you'll have stronger team dynamics, better conversations and increased collaboration. 

During this upcoming session, you will learn your individual strengths and review your leader assessment results, as well as those of your team members.  The assessment link will be provided to you, and your team members, prior to the session so that you may complete it ahead of time.  Your will learn your 34 Strengths in order and your team members will receive their Top 5 Strengths in order. You should bring your results with you  to discover how to inspire higher organization and team performance, while at the same time making you better at managing your team!

Managers who complete this session may opt into a 6 month coaching cohort to dive more deeply into the strengths concepts and practice the strategies learned in the workshop with peer feedback and coaching.  Coaching cohort sessions will be conducted in a virtual format via Teams.

Date: February 13, 2024

Time: 1:00-5:00 pm    Enrollment is currently closed for this workshop.

Facilitator: Mary Stall, Senior HR Specialist, Organizational Effectiveness

Location:  HR Training Room, Expressway Tower #208

Enroll Now via my.SMU>Learning and Development>Request Training Enrollment.  Use Course Code "HRSFM".

Updated Parking Information:

Please note that construction has begun on the new aquatics center to the east of Expressway Tower and which was previously a AUP parking lot  This space is no longer available for parking. 

Visitors to Expressway Tower must now park in the AUP lots W1, W2, W3 to the north of Expressway Tower as designated on this map . 

Those wishing to take the shuttle bus will be dropped off at Expressway Tower.

Note:  Those who park in the visitor parking spaces at Expressway Tower will likely be ticketed.