Leading at the Speed of Trust

Complex organizational problems cannot be solved with the stroke of a pen, a leadership mandate, a training program, restructuring, or changing a system. These things can be helpful, however, all grand strategies must eventually degenerate down to real work done by real people.

Developing trust helps team members become energized and engaged. They collaborate more effectively, operate faster, and achieve sustainable results.


Trust comes with practice.  Trust isn’t a quality you either have or you don’t, it’s a learnable skill. Teams and organizations that operate with high trust significantly outperform those who do not cultivate trust at the core of their culture.

Note:  Working at the Speed of Trust OR The Speed of Trust Foundations is a pre-requisite for attendance in this workshop. Please email DevelopU@smu.edu with questions.

Dates: April 1, 2024 and
April 8, 2024 and
April 15, 2024
Time: 1:30-3:00 pm
 Facilitator:  Mary Stall, HR

Enroll Now:  my.SMU>Employee Self Service>Learning and Development>Request Training Enrollment.  Seach for Course Code "HRLSOT".

Parking: SMU visitors to Expressway Tower may park in the Robson & Lindley Aquatics Center and Barr-McMillion Natatorium AUP parking lot to the east of Expressway Tower. Overflow parking may use the AUP Dyer lot located one block north of Expressway Tower off the Central Expwy service road. Please visit Parking and ID Services to view the Campus Parking Map.

This workshop counts as an elective for Manager Orientation.