Alight Solution Health Services

To assist you in finding the most affordable care options, SMU has partnered with Alight (formerly known as Compass Professional Health Services). This service is available to all faculty and staff enrolled in one of the SMU medical plans. The cost of Alight services is paid by SMU. Your health information will not be shared with BCBSTX, your doctor, or anyone else – without your personal consent. Your health information will never be shared with SMU.

Navigating health care these days seems impossible—unless you have Alight on your side. Did you know that charges for medical services vary widely – by location and by provider? Medical charges for a specific service can vary by as much as 300%, even within the BCBSTX network. For example, one in-network imaging center might charge $500 for a CT scan, and another center might charge $1,500. These cost variances apply to many other medical services, including surgical, anesthesia, and hospital room & board charges. A cost differential like this has a direct impact on your out-of-pocket expenses.

From finding doctors to getting cost estimates, Alight is here to help at no additional cost to you. Alight serves as your personal health care advisor. So rely on your Health Pro to make you an empowered health care consumer that takes control of health care costs. Their service is simple to use and available to you and your family.

Get Answers from SMU's Health Pro

Get help making sense of confusing health care benefits, finding great doctors, scheduling appointments, finding lower cost alternatives for prescriptions, and much more.

  • Understand insurance benefits
  • Schedule your appointments
  • Save money on health care
  • Find highly rated doctors
  • Pay less for prescriptions
  • Get help with medical bills

Your Alight Health Pro

You can reach your Alight Health Pro, Joy Omorojie, by calling 800-513-1667 (ext. 1053) or by emailing