Carrie Liu Currier

Associate Professor of Political Science & Director of Asian Studies, Texas Christian University

2007G Scharbauer Hall, TCU
(817) 257-6853

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Carrie Liu Currier teaches courses in Asian politics, comparative politics, feminist international relations theory, international relations, and global political economy. Her research has generally focused on: 1) economic reform in China, to understand how developing countries are adapting to the demands of globalization, 2) China’s Foreign Policy with the Middle East, examining both arms transfers and the pursuit of energy, 3) China’s energy policy and pursuit of resources, 4) China’s one child policy and its social implications, and 5) the politics of entrepreneurship in Taiwan and China.  She has conducted survey research in both China and Taiwan, examining labor market reforms and its impact on women’s public and private sphere activities as well as analyzing the role the state has played in fostering entrepreneurship.  Her current research is based on fieldwork she recently completed in Taiwan, examining the regulations and opportunities for entrepreneurship as well as a more in-depth examination of Taiwan’s start-up industry.  Her publications include: a co-edited book (with Manochehr Dorraj) China’s Energy Relations with the Developing World, several book chapters, and several articles in the following journals: American Journal of Chinese Studies, Asian Journal of Women's Studies, China Public Affairs Quarterly, Journal of Chinese Political Science, Journal of Women Politics and Policy, and Middle East Policy. 

In addition, she is the director of TCU’s Asian Studies program, serves on the Women’s Studies Advisory committee, and formally advises several student groups on campus.  Within the profession she has served on the board of the Southwest Asian Studies Association, she is the incoming Secretary of the Western Political Science Association (WPSA) and she has served on several committees within the Feminist Theory Gender Studies section of ISA (International Studies Association).


  • Ph.D. Political Science, University of Arizona
  • M.A. Political Science, University of Arizona
  • B.A. Political Science, University of Michigan

Publications, Speeches and Presentations

  • Currier, Carrie Liu. 2014. “Review of Allen Carlson, Mary E. Gallagher, Kenneth Lieberthal, and Melanie Manion’s, Contemporary Chinese Politics: New Sources, Methods and Field Strategies,” Journal of Chinese Political Science 19(3).
  • Currier, Carrie Liu. 2013.  “企业家精神能够作为中国民主的催化剂吗?”(Can Entrepreneurship Serve as a Catalyst for Democracy in China?)” Fudan Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences (Sept – forthcoming).
  • Currier, Carrie Liu. 2012. “China and the Global Surge for Resources,” Chapter 13 in Emilian Kavalski’s The Ashgate Research Companion to Chinese Foreign Policy. Burlington, VT: Ashgate Publishing, pp. 163-175.
  • Currier, Carrie Liu. 2012. “Review of Jie Chen and Bruce J. Dickson’s, Allies of the State: China’s Private Entrepreneurs and Democratic Change,” Journal of Chinese Political Science 17(4): 433-434.
  • Currier, Carrie Liu and Manochehr Dorraj, editors. 2011. China’s Energy Relations with the Developing World.  NY: Continuum Books.