Housing and Dining

SMU-in-Taos is a residential program, which is enhanced by the living-learning environment. Every aspect of our campus environment is intended to facilitate and foster personal and academic growth.  Students are required to stay on the SMU-in-Taos campus, pay full room and board for that term and abide by all campus policies.  All students will pay flat rates for both room and board each term.  This amount is based on the length of the term.  


Students enrolled in courses at SMU-in-Taos are required to pay board for the term.  The board fees cover all meals throughout the term beginning with dinner on arrival day and ending with breakfast on departure day.  Throughout the term, three hot meals will be served daily and students will have unlimited access to snacks and beverages.  Our kitchen staff works very hard to accommodate allergies and dietary restrictions when possible.  If you have any allergies or dietary restrictions, please make sure to indicate this prior to your arrival in Taos. 


All students are required to stay on the Taos campus, pay full room and board and abide by all campus policies (see Conduct Agreement).  Students will receive their housing assignment during check-in at SMU-in-Taos.  All students are required to sign a housing contract, which outlines expectations and possible penalties. Students are expected to remain in their assigned housing for the duration of the term (in case of an emergency, it is necessary for us to know the location of each student).  Students will be assigned to housing based on their enrollment date, with Semi-Private Casitas assigned first unless the student specifically requests to be placed in a Group Casita. All students should expect to share a room with other students.  Students attending Taos during summer terms should bring their own bedding and towels or else plan to buy them in town upon arrival.  Linens are provided only during January Term.  Off campus housing will only be considered under extenuating circumstances and must be approved by the Executive Director.  

Students are not allowed to have any drugs or alcohol on campus (including in personal vehicles).  Violation of this policy will result in removal the program, at the expense of the student.

Housing Styles

There are three styles of student housing available on campus.  Most students will stay in a casita (“little house” in Spanish). All student casitas have shared bathrooms and common living/study areas with a fireplace.  Every student will have either a closet of drawers and space to study.  Most casitas house a maximum of 9 students and are single-sex only.  The only exception is Casita Clements.  Clements can house up to 19 students and can be co-ed since there are separate male and female bathroom facilities.  Bedrooms will never be co-ed.

  • Group Casitas (up to 9 students)
    Entire casita is shared with up to 9 students of the same sex
    Common living/study areas with fireplace
    Semi-private bathroom
    Communal bedroom with 4 sets of bunk beds and 1 twin bed
    Drawers with ability to lock for personal items (please bring lock)
  • Semi-Private Casitas (up to 9 students)
    Individual bedrooms are shared with up to 3 students of the same sex
    Common living/study areas with fireplace
    Semi-private bathroom
    3 Semi-private bedrooms with 1 set of bunk beds and 1 twin in each
    Closet and drawers in each room
  • NOTE: If the option is available, students participating in the field school experience can choose to stay in a tent. Tents will be provided.

Visitation and Guests

All campus visitors must be accompanied by a current student at all times.  Day visitors must check in at fort office and register vehicles so that security knows they are allowed to be on campus.  Only enrolled students are allowed to stay on campus, therefore no overnight visitors are allowed in student casitas.

From the SMU Student Handbook:

“Guests are defined as any non-resident of a resident’s room. Guests who are not residents of that hall must be escorted at all times by the hall resident whom the guest is visiting. Residents are responsible for the actions of their guests, including any Community Standards violations or vandalism. At all times, the right of residents to study, sleep or privacy takes precedence over the privilege of visitation.”

Animals on Campus

No pets are allowed on the SMU-in-Taos campus.  Any students wishing to bring a service animal or emotional support animal (ESA) must receive permission from the SMU-in-Taos Executive Director prior to any animal arriving on campus.  The SMU-in-Taos Office will work with SMU DASS to determine whether or not a service animal or ESA meets the requirements necessary to be in University housing.  Should a service animal or ESA be approved, the student will need to sign an agreement and follow all University policies regarding animals on campus.  For more information, please visit the DASS website.