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SMU-in-Taos will offer a variety of courses for the upcoming May, June Field, and August Terms. To participate in the SMU-in-Taos program, students must enroll in a 3-credit hour course with the option to take the 1-credit hour course, PRW 2135 Mountain Sports (May and August Terms only).

To find out the arrival and departure dates of each term, check out the upcoming Dates and Deadlines.

August applications are closed.

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Course Number
Name Credit Hours   UC Credit CC Credit Instructor Notes Session
ENGL 2390
Introduction to Creative Writing: Gonzo in Taos 
3   CA (breadth), W CA, CAC, W BW Hamilton
CEE 2302

Authentic Leadership

CE, HD, W CE, HD Barbara Minsker
BL 3335

Business Law

3   PRIE (2), HFA (depth)   Barbara Kincaid

Cox Business majors only.

3.5 GPA required.

ITOM 2308 Information Technology for Managers
3   IL HD  Allen Gwinn
PRW 2135 Mountain Sports 1 PRW2 Bradley Warren May
HIST 3379
The Cultural History of New Mexico
  HC (breadth), HD, OC, IL
HC, HD, OC Andrew Graybill
PSYC 3360 Health Psychology   HD, IL  HD  Max Gunther   May
PSYC 3310 Memory and Cognition        Holly Bowen    May 
WRTR 1313  Introduction to Critical Reasoning  3     CR  Samantha Mabry    May 
ANTH 5381 Field Experience in Archaeology   CE, HD, IL, W    Mike Adler   June Field 
ECE 5393/7393 In-Field Drone Communications Experimentation        Joe Camp    June Field 
FILM 2304 Creativity and Ideation in the Southwest    HFA  CA, CAC Troy Perkins   June Field 
ECE 2350 Circuit Analysis I
3       CS Lee Prerequisite: MATH 3313 and PHYS 1304  August
APSM 3351 Nutrition
3   CE, TM (breadth)
  Laura Robinson-Doyle   August
ADV 5301 Designing Your Life 3       Nicole Haddad   August
MKTG 3340 Fundamentals of Marketing 3       Chip Besio   August
ADV 1341  Marketing Principles of Advertising 3       Chip Besio   August
PSYC 3366 Positive Psychology 3   HSBS (depth),CE, OC SBS, CE  Chris Logan
ASCE 1300 Introduction to Ceramics 3   CA (breadth) CA, CAC Brian Molanphy   August
ANTH 2382 Human Nature: Who Are We? 3
NAS ES Ann Horsburgh   August
STAT 4340 Statistics for Engineers   TM (breadth)   Ian Harris 
CS 4340 Statistics for Engineers 3   TM (breadth)   Ian Harris
EMIS 3340  Statistics for Engineers   TM (breadth)   Ian Harris
PRW 2135  Mountain Sports 1   PRW   Piotr Chelstowski   August
CCPA 4395 Boulevard Consulting       Kim Commerato Lance   August 
HIST 3382 History of Mexico    HC (breadth), GE, HD HC, HC2 Carlos Hernandez   August 
ARHS 3305
Arts of the American Southwest
  CA (breadth), HC (breadth), OC, W
Kathy Windrow   August
ITOM 3306 Operations Management    TM (breadth)   Angelika Leskovskaya    August 
MATH 4377 Mathematics of Machine Learning  3  
  Weihua Geng   August 
SPAN 3374 Topics in Spanish American Civilization        Lourdes Molina    August 
WL 3304 Spanish Literature in Translation        Olga Colbert    August