The Sport Performance Leadership (SPL) program is a concentration within the undergraduate major of Applied Physiology and Sport Management (APSM) housed in the Annette Caldwell Simmons School of Education and Human Development.

This program’s mission is to provide students with academic and experiential training pertinent to the leadership and instruction of sport.

The required introductory class for students interested in applying for the SPL concentration is APSM 2340- Coaching and Leadership for Performance.

Academic coursework, addressing coach and leadership development, and the experiential learning opportunities within this program will prepare students for a variety of possible career paths including youth, high school, collegiate, elite-level, or even private practice coaching.

Credit Hour Summary

Credit Hour Summary  

Core Applied Physiology and Sport Management Major Curriculum - 12 Credit Hours

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Pre-Reqs
APSM 3311 Applied Exercise Physiology 3 3322
APSM 3322 Functional Biomechanics 3 2340
APSM 3321 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Fitness and Sport 3 2340
APSM 4315 Senior Project (No STAT pre-req) 3 90+ hrs

Sport Performance Leadership Concentration Curriculum - 9 Credit Hours

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Pre-Reqs
APSM 2340 Coaching and Leadership for Performance 3 less than 90 hrs
APSM 4X90 Experiential Learning Labs 3 60+ hrs
APSM 4385 Exercise Program Design 3

Choose seven (minimum of two 4000 level or higher) - 21 Credit Hours

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours Pre-Reqs
APSM 3301 Rules and Regulations of Sport 3
APSM 3315 Communication in Sport 3
APSM 3333 Coaching Team Sports 3
APSM 3351 Nutrition 3
APSM 3371 Diversity and Inclusion in Sport 3
APSM 4300 Advanced Coaching & Leadership for Performance 3
APSM 4310 Psychology of Sport 3
APSM 4370 Coaching Seminar: Special Topics 3
APSM 4380 Technology & Sport 3 60+ hrs

Core and Sport Performance Leadership Concentration Total: 42 hours

*Required Gateway course for SPL majors

Minor in Sport Performance Leadership