SMU Research

Office Directory

Mailing Address:
Office of Research and Graduate Studies
P.O. Box 750240 Dallas, TX 75275-0240

Physical Address:
Office of Research and Graduate Studies
6425 Boaz Lane Suite 101 Dallas, TX 75205
Phone: 214-768-2033

Office of Research and Graduate Studies

Name Job Title Telephone
James E. Quick Associate Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies 214-768-1115
Karen Wray Executive Assistant II to the Dean 214-768-4063
Shannon Lunt Assistant Vice President for Research Integrity & Operations 214-768-2029
Alan Itkin Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies 214-768-4202
Stevie Otto Director of Graduate Recruitment 214-768-4279
Kerri Bennett Assistant Director of Graduate Studies 214-768-4345
Heather McClary Director of Research Compliance 214-768-2030
Laura Hamilton Research Compliance Coordinator II 214-768-4204
Ruth V. Lozano Director for Sponsored Projects 214-768-4708
Elvin Franklin Senior Grant Management Specialist 214-768-2047
Nicole Babilya Senior Grant Management Specialist 214-768-1692
Katie Wu Grant Management Specialist 214-768-2015
Kimberly Jones-Ross Director of Contracts and Technology Management 214-768-4841
Shanteria  Cobb Contract Management Specialist 214-768-4700
Benisha Young Research and Graduate Studies Coordinator 214-768-2033