SMU Research

The Office of Research

Meet our Associate Provost for Research, Dr. James E. Quick, and learn more about the role of Sponsored Projects, Research Compliance, Contract Management, and Technology Management at SMU.

General Information

Organization Type

Non-Profit 501(c) (3)
Private Institution of Higher Education
Incorporated in the State of Texas
Date of Incorporation: 1911

Entity Number (10): 75-0800689
University Central DUNS Number: 00-198-1133 

CAGE Code University Central: 4E762 
U.S. Cong. District:
 Thirty-Second (TX-032)
Animal Welfare Assurance (OLAW): D16-00396
OLAW expiration date: 9/30/2023 
Human Subjects Assurance (FWA):  00001626
FWA expiration date: 1/14/2026
NAICS Code: 611310

Addresses & Contacts

Mailing Address

Southern Methodist University
Office of Research
PO Box 750240
Dallas, TX 75275-0240

Physical Address

Southern Methodist University
Office of Research
6425 Boaz Ln. Suite 101
Dallas, TX 75205

Proposal / Award Contact

Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) and Administrative Contact
Ruth V. Lozano, Director of Sponsored Projects and Research Contracts
214-768-1079 Fax

General Contact for Proposals

Sponsored Projects Contacts

Award Financials Contact
Grant & Contract Accounting

Signing Official
David Ewing, Director of Grant and Contract Accounting
214-768-2900 Fax

Administrative Contact for Award Financials
Grant & Contract Accounting

Kim Orcutt
214-768-2900 Fax

SMU F&A Rate and Fringe Rates

Cognizant Audit Agency

Department of Health and Human Services
Phone: (214) 767 - 3261

Current Rate Agreement

Dated: 3/14/2019
Fringe Benefit rates valid through 05/31/2020
F&A rates valid through 05/31/2022
HHS Representative: Shon Turner (214-767-3261)
On campus rate of 48% MTDC

Administrative Contracting Office

Office of Naval Research
Atlanta Regional Office
100 Alabama Street SW, Suite 4R15
Atlanta, GA 30303-3104

SMU FY2021 Rates

Off Campus

26.0% – Modified Total Direct Costs

On Campus

48% - Modified Total Direct Costs

On Campus is defined as being a project
wherein 51% of the costs are incurred in
facilities owned or operated by SMU.

Fringe Benefit Rates - FY2021

Faculty & Staff: 32.5%
Post Doc: 25%
Graduate Tuition Remission: 32.0%


Fringe Benefit Rates - FY2022

Faculty & Staff: 30%
Faculty & Staff Extra Compensation: 3%
Post Doc: 27.5%
Graduate Tuition Remission: 32%

Checks to be Mailed

University Central Address

Southern Methodist University
Office of Contract and Grant Accounting
PO Box 750259
Dallas, TX 75275-0259

FedEx Address

Southern Methodist University
Office of Grant and Contract Accounting
6116 N. Central Expressway, Suite 210
Dallas, TX 75206