Creative Computation


Creative computation was a key component in The New You, a new dance choreographed for students by Meadows Prize winner Shen Wei.


Combining engineering, computer science, the arts and humanities, creative computation uses technology as a powerful medium to create 2D and 3D works of art, augmented performance, intelligent physical spaces and real-time interactivity.


The creative computation program is rigorous in its interdisciplinary integration, requiring core coursework in both the Meadows School of the Arts and Lyle School of Engineering.


An underlying principle of the creative computation major is the integration of creative and analytical study and practice, championing a "whole brain" approach.

Minor in Creative Computing

The minor in creative computing is highly interdisciplinary, championing a "whole brain" approach. Combining study, creative practice and research, students explore computing as a universal creative medium, integrating aesthetic principles and practices from the arts with analytical theories and processes from computer science and engineering.

Requirements for the Minor 19 Credit Hours
Core Course Requirements: 6
Creative Computation (at least 9 hours from the following): 9
Theory (one from the following:) 3
Capstone Project (determined by student's major) 1
Total Credit Hours 19

Administered through the Center of Creative Computation.
Classes are taught by faculty from: Lyle School of Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering; Electrical Engineering; and Civil and Environmental Engineering); Creative Computation (Digital and Hybrid Media); Art (Photography); Film & Media Arts; Music; Dedman College of the Humanities and Sciences (Physics, Math and Philosophy); Theatre and Art History.

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Minor in Creative Computing

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