Creative Computation

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Minor in Creative Computing

The minor in creative computing is highly interdisciplinary, championing a "whole brain" approach. Combining study, creative practice and research, students explore computing as a universal creative medium, integrating aesthetic principles and practices from the arts with analytical theories and processes from computer science and engineering.

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Requirements for the Minor Credit Hours
Core Course Requirements:
  • CSE 1341 Principles of Computer Science I
    ASIM 1310 Art and Code I
  • CSE 1342 Programming Concepts
    ASIM 3305 Art and Code II
Creative Computation (at least 6 hours from the following, according to track choice):
  • Computational Art Track (two from the following)
    • ASIM 1330 Responsive Arts I
    • ASIM 1340 Computational Sculpture
    • ASIM 3310 Computational Media Workshop
    • ASIM 3320 Responsive Arts II
    • ASIM 3350 Technology and the Body
    • ASIM 5302 Intermedia Directed Studies
  • Graphics and Gaming Track (two from the following)
    • CRCP 1330 Sound and Code
    • CSE 5360 Introduction to 3-D Animation
    • CSE 5382 Computer Graphics
    • MATH 3353 Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • Music Track (two from the following)
    • CRCP 1330 Sound and Code
    • MUTH 4310 Introduction to Electro-Acoustic Music
    • MUTH 4311 Topics in Electro-Acoustic Music
    • PHYS 1320 Musical Acoustics
    • PHYS 3340 Computational Physics
  • Creative Coding Track (two from the following)
    • CRCP 2310 Nature and Code
    • CRCP 3310 Data: Meaning, Narrative, and Discovery
    • CRCP 3320 Postmodern Software Design
    • EE 5378 Mobile Phone Embedded Design
  • Digital Humanities (two from a list to be determined)
  • Customized Track (two chosen in consultation with adviser)
  • CRCP 2330 Nand to Tetris
Capstone Project
  • CRCP 5301 Creative Computing Major Capstone

Administered through the Center of Creative Computation.
Classes are taught by faculty from: Lyle School of Engineering (Computer Science & Engineering; Electrical Engineering; and Civil and Environmental Engineering); Creative Computation (Digital and Hybrid Media); Art (Photography); Film & Media Arts; Music; Dedman College of the Humanities and Sciences (Physics, Math and Philosophy); Theatre and Art History.

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