Forms & Petitions

Major Declaration Form (only for pre-major students)

This form is exclusively for pre-major students and should be used to declare a major for the first time. You should not have declared a major prior to submitting this form.

Major Declaration Form

Major Declaration or Change Form (for declared major students)

Use this form if you have already declared a major. You can use this form to add a second major or change your major.

Major Declaration Change Form

Minor Declaration (eMinor Declaration Process)

Use this form to read more about declaring a minor through 

e-Minor Declaration Process

Petition to Waive a Pre-Requisite Course

Use this petition to skip a fundamental course and go directly to a more advanced course. 

This is only for engineering courses.

Waive a Pre-Rec Course

Petition to Substitute a Course

Use this petition to have one class count in place of another one.

Substitute a Course

Accelerated Pathway (formerly 4+1)

Master’s Degree Dual Program Credit Form

Graduate Credit Only Form

University Curriculum Forms

Don’t see any of the forms you need for university classes? Try this link!

Forms + Requests

SMU Registrar Forms Library

Still not seeing the form you need? Try looking through the SMU Registrar’s form library.

Registrar Forms

Forms for Faculty

These forms are only for faculty members to utilize.

Faculty Forms