Grade Policy for Majors

  • Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in all courses counting towards an economics degree. This includes all economics, math, statistics, accounting, and computer science classes that count towards the economics degree.
  • Students must also maintain a 2.00 GPA overall for all courses required of an economics degree attempted at SMU.

Note: Students receiving a D in a class taken for the major should consult with the department undergraduate advisor before repeating the class. In some cases it is best to take a different class for the major and use the class in which the student received a D for elective hours.  

Transfer Policy

The Department of Economics will consider petitions for transfer credit from other four-year institutions. Only courses with matching prerequisites and requirements will be considered. Only in cases of exceptional educational opportunity (i.e., foreign or domestic university with exceptionally ranked economics department) will students be allowed to transfer credit of economics courses with prefixes of 4000 or above. Credits received through the SMU Study Abroad program appear with SMU course title and catalog numbers and are not considered transfer credits.

Residency Requirement

As minimum requirements, a candidate for a degree in Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences must take the following hours in residence at SMU:

  • A total of 60 hours
  • A total of 18 hours of advanced work in the major
  • A total of 45 of the last 60 hours earned toward the degree