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Retirement at SMU

Retirement Plans Advisory Council (RPAC)

The Retirement Plans Advisory Council (RPAC) is a group of dedicated faculty and staff helping the University administration with all things related to the SMU Retirement Plan.

The specific responsibilities of the RPAC include the following:


  • Recommend reasonable and consistent investment objectives, policies and procedures.
  • Recommend the selection, and assist in the subsequent monitoring, of qualified investment professionals to advise and assist in determining and monitoring investment options.
  • Recommend asset classes, investment options, and default funds to be made available from time to time for participant direction of investments.
  • Participate in regularly evaluating the performance and cost of any investment option selected for offering to participants.
  • Review and recommend communication strategies to educate employees about their retirement planning.
  • Recommend changes to the design of the Retirement Plan.

The Council shall meet at least semi-annually. Meetings or communications can occur more frequently if significant concerns arise about investment strategy or performance, or if key changes occur in investment advisory personnel or organizational structure. 

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