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Loretta O'Reilly Hawkins Award

SMU HR Resources

Loretta O'Reilly Hawkins Award Selection Process

The Staff Association coordinates the collection and review of nominations for the Loretta O'Reilly Hawkins Award.

The process includes the following steps:

  • A complete nomination, including the nomination form and a letter describing how the nominee exemplifies the legacy of Loretta O’Reilly Hawkins is submitted by the deadline. Additional materials, such as supporting recommendation letters from customers or other employees, are not required but will be accepted.

  • A Nomination Verification Form will be sent to each nominee’s supervisor for endorsement and/or comments. In the event the nomination was submitted by the employee’s supervisor, the Nomination Verification Form will be sent to the supervisor’s department head or division head for endorsement.

  • The President of the Staff Association will convene a committee to review nominations. The members of this committee will remain anonymous, but the committee will consist of the award recipient and finalist(s) from the previous year, the Staff Association Vice President for Recognition, a representative from the SMU Human Resources Office, and one member selected by the President of the Staff Association. Selection will be through consensus of the committee as to which nominee best represents Loretta O'Reilly Hawkins.

  • The Committee will select one recipient of the Loretta O'Reilly Hawkins Award, which includes a certificate and $1,500 award. The Committee may also designate up to three runners-up, or finalists, for this award at their discretion. Finalists will receive a certificate and an award of $250-$500, depending on the funds available in the Loretta O'Reilly Hawkins Award fund.

  • These awards will be presented at the annual SMU Staff Awards Ceremony.

  • Winners are ineligible to receive the award the following year.