Bulletin of Southern Methodist University

Southern Methodist University produces a complete bulletin annually.

To download the catalog with bookmarks to your computer:

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Catalogs may be printed in whole or in part on an office printer.

Print-on-demand catalogs are available for purchase through SMU's Copy Central.  Catalogs are spiral bound and may be purchased using an SMU account or credit card. On-campus delivery is available or catalogs can be mailed via UPS. 

These catalogs constitute the General Bulletin of the University:

 Undergraduate Catalog 

Graduate Catalogs

In addition, certain academic programs provide their own schedules:
Continuing Education SMU-in-Plano
Jan Term and May Term SMU-in-Taos (Fort Burgwin)
SMU Abroad Summer Studies
Every effort has been made to include in the catalogs information that, at the time of preparation for printing, most accurately represents Southern Methodist University. The provisions of the publications are not, however, to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between the student and Southern Methodist University. The University reserves the right to change, at any time and without prior notice, any provision or requirement, including, but not limited to, policies, procedures, charges, financial aid programs, refund policies and academic programs.

Catalog addenda and appendixes are published online at smu.edu/catalogs. An addendum includes graduation, degree and transfer requirements that do not appear in a specific print or online catalog but apply in that academic year. An appendix includes a summary of corrections and changes that have been added to a specific online catalog.

Additional information can be obtained by writing to the Undergraduate Office of Admission or to the appropriate school (listed above) at the following address:

Southern Methodist University
Dallas TX 75275

Information is available also at www.smu.edu.

Produced by the Office of the Registrar
Southern Methodist University
Dallas TX 75275-0221

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