SMU Student Handbook


The SMU Student Handbook* is maintained by the Office of the Dean of Students.

The linked PDF contains the following important and helpful information:

  • Division of Student Affairs Office
  • SMU Student Code of Conduct & Conduct Review Process
  • SMU Honor Code
  • Student Advocacy & Support 
    • Mandated Assessment
    • Involuntary Administrative Withdrawals
    • Medical Withdrawal & Request to Return
  • Vehicle Regulations
  • Law Enforcement & Security
  • Student Appeals & Complaints
  • Federal Law & Confidentiality
  • SMU Statement of Nondiscrimination
  • Bias Education and Response Team (BERT)
  • Sexual Harassment Policies, Prevention and Resources
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention
  • Other Campus Information
    • Schools of the University
    • University Libraries
    • Academic Support Services
    • University Services

Click on the Handbook Archive link to view prior year versions of this document. 

NOTE: All students living in on-campus housing are also expected to abide by the Community Standards for Residents as set by the Residence Life & Student Housing office. 

*The policies listed in the Student Code of Conduct in the handbook are reviewed and revised annually by faculty, staff and students. Upon approval of changes to the code by the President of the University, an updated Student Handbook is published to this page as a downloadable PDF. Students, faculty and staff may make suggestions for revisions and changes by getting in touch with the SMU Student Senate or through their organization page on SMU360.

Last revision - 14 Aug 2023