Masters Programs

SMU offers a variety of Master’s programs for students interested in pursuing graduate education in Data Science or a related field. Whether you are a working professional or full-time student, or whether you are more interested in understanding the technical underpinnings or applied tools of data science, there is a degree program for you. The list below summarizes the differences among the SMU Master’s degrees related to Data Science with respect to their application areas and student backgrounds and interests.

Cox School of Business

The Cox school has both an M.S. and an M.B.A. concentration with a focus on business analytics. Both are described below.

M.S. in Business Analytics (MSBA)

The MSBA degree is offered jointly by the Information Technology and Operations Management (ITOM) and Marketing Departments at the Cox School of Business. It provides students with an understanding of (1) the role of analytics in managerial decision making, (2) the types of analytical problems that arise in different functional areas such as operations, marketing, finance and human resource management and (3) analytical methods and tools used by companies to leverage their data resources and make better business decisions. The program is suitable for quantitatively-inclined students targeting careers in management consulting and students interested in learning to use data science tools to improve business decisions in different functional areas. Specializations in Business Process Analytics and Customer Analytics are available.

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M.B.A. with Business Analytics concentration

The Business Analytics concentration is one of two offered for the MBA by the Information Technology and Operations Management (ITOM) Department (the other is Supply Chain and Operations Management). This concentration, which will appear on the transcript, is for those students interested in a management career in either consulting firms or enterprises, in roles where they can apply data-driven decision-making tools and methods. The concentration is skills-focused and combine well with concentrations or minors in any functional area.

Coursework requirements

Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences

Three departments in Dedman College offer data science related M.S. degrees. Descriptions of the degrees and the differences in their emphases and the targeted employment goals for their students are below.

M.S. in Applied Economics and Predictive Analytics (MSAEPA)

The MSAEPA is offered by the Economics Department. Predictive Analytics is the process of building econometric models that predict consumer behaviors and analyze it over time, using time series methods. The program also teaches how to evaluate competing government programs and business strategies from an economic perspective. The MSAEPA is designed to help meet the for analytics training on the part of business, government, and non-profits. It is also ideal for part-time students as many of its courses are offered in the evening.

Coursework requirements 

M.S. in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics (MASDA)

The MASDA degree is offered by the Department of Statistical Science. It prepares students with job-ready skills in data collection, analysis, and coding. It also prepares students with the statistical foundation to tackle novel applications when they are encountered in the workplace. This degree program prepares students with a strong mathematics background to apply data science skills in a wide range of fields by providing a variety of elective courses, from biostatistics to machine learning to Bayesian methods. Students from the program are employed in many industries, from medical research to finance and marketing, to legal analysis, to technology.

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Lyle School of Engineering

The Lyle School offers a variety of M.S. degrees in fields closely related to data science.

M.S. in Computer Science

The M.S. in Computer Science degree is offered in the Department of Computer Science. It allows students to concentrate in AI and Machine Learning, or one of three other areas (Cybersecurity, Software engineering, and Theory of computation) of Computer Science. 

Coursework requirements

M.S. in Operations Research

The M.S. in Operations Research (OR) is offered in the Department of Engineering Management, Information, and Systems. By using data-driven, analytical and computational techniques such as mathematical modeling to analyze complex situations, the students will learn how to give managers the tools to make effective and insightful decisions in the age of big data. Targeted students are graduates of STEM undergraduate programs with an aptitude and interest in careers in advanced analytics research and consulting as well as technical leadership positions in academia, industry and government.

Coursework requirements

MS is Information Engineering and Management (MSIEM)

The MSIEM is offered in the Department of Engineering Management, Information, and Systems. The degree provides the graduate with the tools to effectively engineer, manage, and utilize the data collection and information flow of an organization by developing technical and management skills required in the age of Big Data via a unique curriculum combining software, networking, hardware, technology, and management, along with data-driven modeling and computational skills. Targeted students are graduates of STEM and quantitative business disciplines who are interested in technology and analytics consulting, leadership, and engineering management positions.

Coursework requirements

M.S. in Data Engineering

The M.S. in Data Engineering is a multidisciplinary degree, requiring core coursework from three different departments: Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Engineering Management, Information, and Systems. Data engineering is concerned with the design of systems and use of analysis methods for the acquisition, storage, management, security, and processing of data. This program serves the needs of both full-time and part-time students.

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SMU Global and Online (SMU GO)

Besides the Data Science related programs offered on SMU’s campus, SMU GO offers an online Master’s degree in Data Science.

Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS)

The MSDS program is an entirely online program that is designed for working professionals. It provides flexibility that enables students to earn a degree in two years or less while continuing their job responsibilities. There are four start dates per year and there is no GRE requirement for admission.

The program provides professionals with advanced skills needed to manage, analyze, and understand complex data to make strategic decisions in their organizations. Specializations in Machine learning and Business Analytics are available.

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