M.S. in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics

Requirements for the MASDA degree:

To qualify for the MASDA degree, the student must successfully complete at least 36 hours of study acceptable to the departmental faculty.

The following are required:

    STAT 6307:  SAS 1  (old number 5304)
    STAT 6301-6302:  Experimental Statistics (old numbers 5371, 5732)
    STAT 6311-6312 : Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (old numbers 5373, 5374)
    STAT 6324:  Statistical Computing with R  (old number 6304)
    STAT 6308:  SAS II and Database Analysis
    STAT 6366:  Statistical Consulting

The student must complete a consulting project under the supervision of Statistical Science faculty members.  For this project, written and oral presentations of the findings are required.



A sample degree plan for obtaining the MASDA degree in two years is given below.


First Year
STAT6301 - Experimental Stat I STAT6302 - Experimental Stat II
STAT6311 - Math Stat I STAT6312 - Math Stat II
STAT6307 - SAS STAT 6308 - SAS II and Database


Second Year
STAT 6324 -Computing with R STAT 6xxx - Elective
STAT 6xxx - Elective STAT 6366 - Statistical Consulting
STAT 6xxx - Elective STAT 6xxx - Elective