M.S. in Applied Statistics and Data Analytics

Requirements for the MASDA degree:

To qualify for the MASDA degree, the student must successfully complete at least 36 hours of study acceptable to the departmental faculty.

The following are required:

    STAT 6307:  SAS 1  (old number 5304)
    STAT 6301-6302:  Experimental Statistics (old numbers 5371, 5732)
    STAT 6311-6312 : Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (old numbers 5373, 5374)
    STAT 6324:  Statistical Computing with R  (old number 6304)
    STAT 6308:  SAS II and Database Analysis
    STAT 6366:  Statistical Consulting

The student must complete two consulting projects under the supervision of Statistical Science faculty members.  For at least one of these projects, written and oral presentations of the findings are required.



A sample degree plan for obtaining the MASDA degree in two years is given below.


First Year
STAT6301 - Experimental Stat I STAT6302 - Experimental Stat II
STAT6311 - Math Stat I STAT6312 - Math Stat II
STAT6307 - SAS STAT 6308 - SAS II and Database


Second Year
STAT 6324 -Computing with R STAT 6xxx - Elective
STAT 6xxx - Elective STAT 6366 - Statistical Consulting
STAT 6xxx - Elective STAT 6xxx - Elective