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Master the fusion of technology and management with our M.S. in Engineering Management.

Engineering Management

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About the Program

Explore a curriculum blending core business acumen with innovative technology and leadership in our Master of Science in Engineering Management, preparing you for the dynamic global business landscape.

Gain expertise in traditional graduate business areas of finance and accounting, along with analytics-based managerial decision making and industrial and systems engineering principles. The program interacts with areas of mathematics, science, engineering, computer science and statistics.

To learn more about the program, Contact Program Director Dr. Diana Easton.


The SMU Lyle Difference

  • Tech-Driven

    Equipping tech-savvy individuals with knowledge for success in a rapidly evolving, technology-driven business landscape.

  • Strategic

    Brings together business, management and leadership fundamentals coupled with systems thinking and analytics-driven decision-making approaches.

  • Unique

    Embracing a holistic approach by interacting with allied fields like math, science, computer science, and more for a well-rounded education.

Student Experience

industry Leading Faculty MS in Engineering

Industry-Leading Faculty

Learn from experts, interact in sync sessions, and gain insights from industry leaders.

industry Leading Faculty MS in Engineering

24/7 Resource Access

Access lectures, notes, and schedules anytime, from anywhere.


Diverse Coursework

Students participate in hands-on, experiential based learning in the classroom. See course catalog and degree plan.


Flexible Learning


Classes can be taken in one of three delivery formats to accommodate the needs of a diverse student population.


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Jobs I Can Land


Graduates are equipped with the skills to oversee complex projects, implement innovative strategies, effectively lead diverse engineering teams, and drive organizational success in industry, government, or academia.


Admissions Requirements


In addition to meeting the Lyle School of Engineering admission requirements for an M.S. degree, applicants are required to satisfy the following additional requirement: a B.S. in engineering or another technical discipline.


Tuition and Fees

For a complete graduate cost per semester click here.

Application Deadlines

The next start date is August 2024. The deadline for applications is July 15.