Message from the Chair

Dr. Sıla Çetinkaya, Professor and Chair of OREM and Cecil H. Green Professor of Engineering

The faculty within the OREM department bring together solid engineering and scientific management expertise to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as research programs, that place emphasis on the broad area of advanced analytics and its state-of-the-art applications. As you explore our department, you will become familiar with our accomplished faculty and learn more about specific research areas of expertise in optimization, stochastics, data science and industrial/systems engineering methodologies. These specializations have far-reaching applications in a variety of industries, including supply chain, healthcare, finance, telecommunications and energy, among many others.

At Lyle, we are committed to producing academic scholarship at the forefront of engineering and technology and with broad societal impact. We strive to educate the next generation of engineers in the age of Big Data by providing our students with in-depth curricula, multidisciplinary knowledge, leadership skills and real-world experiences that are necessary to succeed in today’s complex world. We prepare technically-inclined students to excel in today’s data-driven, competitive environment and enhance their technical skills and insight to help them solve critical, real-world problems in a wide range of engineering and management operations. 

Our undergraduate program in Management Science provides a thorough education in analytics with a particular focus on engineering management and industrial and systems engineering applications. The depth and breadth of knowledge our students receive help them utilize principles and techniques in analytics, management and engineering to enhance organizational performance in many areas, including business, industry, government and nonprofit organizations. As a result, our graduates are not only prepared for engineering and business careers, but also graduate and professional schools in a variety of disciplines.

We offer comprehensive graduate degrees in Operations Research, Engineering Management, Systems Engineering, Information Engineering, and Engineering Entrepreneurship. Our highly recognized, long-standing master’s and Ph.D. programs in Operations Research emphasize the interface of advanced analytics with data science. Our graduate degrees in Engineering Management, Systems Engineering and Information Engineering enjoy robust student enrollment, including many professional students sponsored by their employers in industry. Our program in Engineering Entrepreneurship offers a unique path to help transition innovative engineering ideas into sustainable enterprises. Overall, our graduate students are highly sought after and well placed in industry, academia and research labs or are ready to take on the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Thank you for visiting our website. Please reach out if you need any additional information about our educational and research programs.


Sila Çetinkaya

Operations Research and Engineering Management Department Chair