SMU Design Council

The SMU Design Council is a forum for leaders who appreciate and acknowledge Human-Centered Design and Innovation as critical strategic elements of their future success. The Design Council along with the Master of Arts in Design and Innovation (MADI) and the Designer-in-Residence, come together to make up the Design and Innovation Programs at SMU.

Specifically, the Design Council’s purpose is to connect, inspire, and equip influential leaders from across diverse industries who are committed to utilizing design for innovation and problem solving. We do this by connecting members to leading-edge content, other renowned thought leaders in the field, the Designer-in-Residence program, and the MADI program’s students, staff, and faculty.

Being a part of the Council requires an annual paid membership, qualifies as an official partnership with SMU, and is a tax exempt write-off. Not only does your support go to sustaining the Design Council directly it also goes toward student scholarships, stipends, and awards.


Design and Innovation Programs at SMU thrive off of your support. You can give directly through the button below or reach out to talk about custom options.

SMU Design Council