Lyle Industry Mentor Program

The Lyle Industry Mentor Program* is a formal mentoring option that consists of a one-on-one, long-term professional relationship with an industry professional that spans one academic year (August - May). This a great option for undergraduate engineering students seeking hands-on industry experience prior to graduation, as well as assistance with resumes, cover letters, interviews, “elevator pitches,” and internship preparation. Typically, student mentees meet with their mentor either in-person or virtually every three to four weeks. Student mentees are often paired with industry mentors with similar educational and career interests; however, mentors also work with students from different backgrounds to provide them with opportunities to explore new perspectives while simultaneously encouraging professional networking.

Students will commit to the following program specifications:

  • Being involved for a minimum of one academic year (August – May)
  • Participating in regular one-on-one meetings
  • Attending informational and/or training sessions
  • Keeping discussions confidential
  • Enlisting the help of Hart Center staff, as needed
  • Notifying the Hart Center of any changes in contact information

*Please note, the Lyle Industry Mentor Program is only open to sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate Lyle students at this time.