Flash Mentoring

Flash mentoring is a great option for both undergraduate and graduate engineering students looking for a short-term, on-demand mentorship experience that offers similar benefits to long-term mentorship. When interacting with flash mentors, students can receive expert advice from experienced industry professionals with diverse career backgrounds.  Flash mentoring is available to students when they need it, whether they’re seeking advice about how to prepare for a job interview, a current class presentation, or their post-graduation plans.  Additionally, with flash mentoring, students can engage with several mentors, which may help diversify and improve their existing professional network. Flash mentoring is also available to student mentees currently enrolled in the Lyle Industry Mentor Program.

Lyle Success Connections Platform

The Lyle Success Connections Platform is available for all Lyle students to use, regardless of year level or interest in the formalized one-on-one mentoring program. We encourage students to explore and utilize the site during their time at Lyle, and after graduation, to use the site as an alumni to guide other students.