Student Engineering Joint Council

The Student Engineering Joint Council (SEJC) is a collective group of officers from Lyle student organizations. Through this council, members are better able to work collaboratively and receive support from peer groups. The Hart Center also takes an active role in hosting multiple events throughout the year on key topics, including member recruitment, retainment, financial budgets and leadership.


Fall SEJC Luncheon

This annual event, attended by all Lyle student organization officers who make up the SEJC, occurs on the first Friday of the fall semester. Members gather to begin the year and listen to speakers, including the Lyle Dean, the Hart Center director and other Lyle faculty and staff. 


SEJC Spring Kick-off Lunch

This event is similar to the Fall SEJC Luncheon and occurs on the second Friday of the spring semester. It gives SEJC officers a chance to meet, regroup from winter break and start the second semester off strong. 


Deloitte Leadership Retreat

At the end of the spring semester, Deloitte hosts a can’t-miss retreat for SEJC officers at their downtown Dallas office. Students spend a half-day with Deloitte professionals, learning about teamwork, best practices for member engagement, and insights into the Deloitte company. 


Ice Cream Bash

The Ice Cream Bash is the annual back-to-school event at Lyle, occurring every fall semester on the first day of classes. Lyle faculty, staff and new and returning students get together to enjoy ice cream, music and mingling. All SEJC members are encouraged to reserve a table to promote their club.