Resume & Cover Letter Writing

A resume and cover letter are effective tools to make an impact on a potential employer and to secure an interview. An exceptional resume and cover letter tells a student’s professional story and convinces the employer this person would be successful in that position.

Write a Resume

Utilize the editable samples below to create a well-crafted resume, then visit the Hart Center with completed documents for additional feedback and recommendations. 

Resume Samples

Ace the Cover Letter

If an application requires a cover letter, take the time to write one well. Writing a cover letter is a process that is all about selling yourself and illustrating your background. In essence, an effective cover letter tells the employer why you want to work with the organization and why you are a strong candidate. It lets the reader know how you learned about the opportunity and why you are interested in working for their company. Now isn’t the time to be humble – brag on yourself, and let the reader know exactly why it is you that they want to hire.